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Using the freshest produce, organically sourced where possible, gourmet food is prepared freshly on board. Menus are planned in advance to suite your tastes.

Sample Selections


Freshly Cut Fruits with Muesli
Continental Breakfast
Full English Breakfast (Black Pudding!)
Scrambled Eggs with Cheese, Fresh Chives and Parsley
Omelet Made to Order
Bacon and Avocado Sandwich


Selection of Cold Cuts with Cheese and Fresh Bread
Chilled Gazpacho
Niçoise salad
Warm Bread Salad of Crispy Pancetta and Poached Egg
Tomato Bruschetta


Grilled Fresh Local Seafood
Salmon Steamed with Spices Served with Boiled Potatoes
Sea Bass Steamed in Lime Juice, Chilli, Garlic and Herbs
Coq Au Vin
Beef Bourguignon
Pasta dishes
Tom Yum Goong and Other Thai Favourites


Poached Pears in Red Wine
Banana Cake Served with Ice Cream
Chocolate Cake

Cheese Board and Fruits

Shrimp Cocktail on Sailing Boat Baggy, Phuket, Thailand
Delicious steak in the tropics
Pizza delivery on Sailing Yacht Baggy
Pizza abroad Sailing Yacht Baggy
Chief Shrimp at lunch